End-User Experience Monitoring with eaglei

Focus on end-user experience

Know how your applications are really performing for your end-users with independent visibility into how your system actually appears on their screen (‘through the glass’)


Agentless architecture and fast deployment means you can avoid changes to your IT environment, and problems with lifecycle management and security

Delivered as managed service

Enterprise grade monitoring solution provided as a fully managed service delivered from the cloud or your environment. Now that’s a helpful solution!

About Us

We understand the importance of end-user experience (yes, we really do!). Your business success depends upon the availability and performance of your online applications, and we monitor simple and complex (tricky) applications to identify and resolve performance issues.

What is eaglei?

Our eaglei solution has won a bunch of awards. It offers real-time data on application availability and performance, with video replays and deep network analytics that help pinpoint and predict application issues. Our clients have told us that the benefits of both an end-user view, coupled with a view of the underlying technical components, is invaluable.

How we’re different

eaglei is delivered as a managed service. Now that’s different! And we think we’re pretty special. Our crew of highly-technical and customer-loving people are here to support you and make your life a little bit easier. This means no need for corporate licence fees, specialised training, or implementation time for your team. We do all the heavy lifting.

eaglei is a REMASYS solution.

More about eaglei

Learn how we deliver End-User Experience monitoring solutions for our clients

Business & technology views of application performance and availability

Business Metrics

Finally a solution that meets the needs of both business and IT! Independent and customer-centric measurement of application availability and performance


Deep network analytics enables your team to identify and remediate issues before it impacts your end-users


End-User Experience monitoring across web and mobile applications using real devices


See what your users see with a unique video capture of the end-user journey


Complex, internal/external, Citrix, thick/thin, mainframe, mid-range, desktop client, Flash ERP, CRM, or third party content


Online dashboards and reports provide a real-time view of application issues

eaglei Managed Service

eaglei is designed to improve the availability and performance of IT services.

eaglei provides relevant information to all stakeholders about the availability and performance of IT based services and their delivery systems.

The Managed Service includes:

  • Design, implementation and on-going management of eaglei
  • Proactive monitoring, alerting and analysis of client’s application performance
  • Provision of online, tailored role-based dashboards and service reporting
  • Integration of eaglei with existing client solutions such as management systems and help desks
  • Capacity planning and lifecycle management
  • 24 x 7 technical support

eaglei is implemented and maintained by experts without the need for hiring new or training existing staff.

eaglei is targeted to address immediate problem areas and then incrementally extended as required.

Accessing eaglei

Your eaglei is being delivered as a managed service. This means that our crew of highly-technical and customer-loving people are working hard to support you, and make your life a little bit easier. To login and see how your monitoring is performing, just click the link below.

Melbourne Head Office at Level 1, 180 Flinders St Melbourne VIC 3000